Keep in touch with people using reminders

Social media is a feed of ads stealing your time. You want to stop, but stay close with friends. Amicu helps you to catch up. You meet and call again. Now, you'll enjoy real connections.

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Keeping in touch shouldn't be hard.

Your contacts are spread over many apps. Social media increases your screen time, not your social time. An avalanche of notifications. It's a chore.

Use Amicu. Get encouraged to catch up.

Never lose touch with people again.

See the last time you were in touch. Be reminded of the most important people. And reach out when it's time to catch up.

Stop scrolling. Meet, call and write.

Passively browsing feeds isn't catching up. Get close with your friends again. Listen to what's really going on in their lives.

Birthday reminders without Facebook.

People stop publishing birthdays on FB. Get back in control. Save it in your contacts.

"After having lived all in several different countries, my circle of friends is rather spread out. It’s all too easy to fall out of touch with the people you care about just because you don’t see them every day anymore. This app helps combat this by reminding you to keep in touch and track your interactions in a non intrusive and privacy respecting way. 10/10"

Maximilian H.

Not just reminders. Amicu is a powerful contacts app.


No account to setup. Add reminders in one tap.


See upcoming birthdays and get birthday reminders.

Integrates all apps

Open WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram etc. with two taps.


Curated tips and tricks, articles and activities to get inspired.

Snooze Reminders

Don't get overwhelmed during a busy time. Just snooze.


Get reminders to keep in touch, for birthdays and more.


No server to get hacked. Contacts stay on the device.

Works offline

Stay in touch with postcards, when traveling.

Siri & Shortcuts

Use Siri or automatic shortcuts to set contacts in touch.


See birthdays, due contacts and more on your home screen.

Search and filter

Find contacts without phone numbers, emails or birthdays.


Works with your existing contact groups.

Over 400 users trust Amicu. See what they say.

"Very nice UI design, was very easy to set up. The process also made me conscious of just how many contacts I have. Excellent app, love the idea!"

Steeth Durvey

"Really cool man! Love the idea and this can definitely help me keep in contact with close friends from the past."


"I use it to regularly keep in touch and make sure I don’t lose track of someone. Recommending it to everyone."

Antoine M.

"I love this app. It is really well designed. It remembers me to call my friends and family more often."

Hannah G.

"Love the app, thank you for building it!"

Travis B.

"This has helped me prioritize my people."


Made by an indie dev. Feel free to reach out.

I'm Kai. I use Amicu myself. And I love to hear your feedback.

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