Hello! 👋
My name is Kai.

I'm the founder, engineer, designer and
customer support at Amicu.

I met many interesting people.

From traveling more than 60 countries. Or volunteering in two organizations. Living in Malaysia and Canada. Hosting and surfing with hundreds of Couchsurfers. People from my hometown Berlin, university, school, and work.

While traveling I watched some videos of scientists saying that social relationships have a huge impact on health, happiness and longevity. Read about it here.

So how can we build and maintain better relationships?

One approach is consistently and proactively keeping in touch.

But it's hard.

Especially when being abroad or focused on a project.

Reminders work well for me.

I made Amicu to better maintain personal relationships.
And to help you do the same.

Write me via Twitter or email.

I'm building Amicu in the open.
Follow my journey on Indie Hackers, Makerlog and
Product Hunt.

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