Hello! 👋
My name is Kai.

I'm the founder, engineer, designer and
customer support at Amicu.

Why I made Amicu

Hey everyone,

I'm Kai - the guy behind Amicu.

The people in your life matter. It’s great to catch up.

But it's not so easy anymore.

Your contacts are spread over many places. Mixed with people you don’t know. An avalanche of comments, posts and ads cluttering everything up. It feels like a chore. No time for the joy of meeting up.

And life changes. You move to new places. You change jobs. You travel and meet people, but they're abroad. You attend events with cool people. But months of work follow. They stop to appear in feeds and inboxes. Instead of reuniting relationships fade.

I met people while traveling, living abroad, and volunteering. Not all are on social media. Plus, who likes distractions, ads, and privacy issues? And you should be in control of your contacts and not any platform.

So I made Amicu. A contact manager that reminds you to catch up.

You decide which people matter. After time reminders show up. Then it's your turn. Meet, call, or be creative.

And your contacts should be no one’s business. With Amicu nothing leaves your device.

That's it. No spam, privacy-invasion, or feeds. Simple and easy.

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