Simple, mindful, and
privacy-friendly features

Fast setup. Easy to use.

  • No email, password or account. Add reminders with one tap.

  • Two taps to start a call or conversation in any communication app.

  • Works completely offline. Great when traveling.

  • Snooze or change reminders with three taps.

Isn't remembering myself enough?

  • We use notes to not forget important things. What about people?

  • Changing activities, work, cities? You lose touch.

  • Social networks, media and more fight for your time. What reminds you to keep in touch?

Important birthdays only.

  • Too many birthdays in your social media or calendar?

  • Edit contacts without birthdays instead of forgetting to congratulate.

  • See birthdays in advance. Prepare a memorable gift or send a card.

Mindful relationships. Better life.

  • Consciously choose the people you keep in touch with.

  • Embrace good instead of many relationships.

  • Reflect after being in touch. Relationships change. Your reminders too.

Contacts stay on the phone.

  • Big companies get hacked. No servers make it impossible.

  • Keep track without selling your contacts data.

  • Just reminders for personal relationships. No privacy invasion.

Questions? Look here or ask me.

1. Is this a social network or messaging app?
No. It's just reminders that notify you to reach out to the people you care about from time to time.

2. Do I need to invite or add friends?
No. You can use your device contacts, if you want. This will not invite or notify them. Of course, you can share the app with your friends.

3. Is it free?

Yes, but you can support me with a premium subscription. Find out more here.

4. Who made this?
I'm Kai. You can follow me on Twitter or write me an email.

5. Why did you make this?

Read the about me page.

Start keeping in touch now