See how Amicu can help you with your contacts

Keep in touch. No lost people anymore.

  • Know when you last contacted someone.

  • Reach out after time to catch up.

  • Get reminders for the people, who matter most.

Mindful relationships. Better life.

  • Choose positive people around you.

  • Embrace deep relationships instead of many loose connections.

  • Reflect after being in touch. People change. Your reminders can too.

Break free from social media.

  • Birthday reminders without Facebook.

  • Catch up by calling friends instead of scrolling through profiles.

  • Avoid the rabbit hole of ads, distractions, and negative content.

Incomplete contact data? See and fix it!

  • See contacts without birthdays, email, or phone number.

  • Reach out and ask for their updated details.

  • Fix a few per day and your contact book is organized in no time.

Works your way

  • Notifications or widgets for reminders. Or both.

  • Set contacts in touch in the app, with Siri or shortcuts.

  • Quickly open all communication apps

See your stats. Make it a habit.

  • Set a daily goal to catch up with some people.

  • Track how many people you contacted over time.

  • Balance reminders and time for them.

Boost your professional network.

  • Don’t just connect, but stay in the loop.

  • More chances to help out and receive support.

  • Stay in touch with existing connections.

Upcoming birthdays. See. Prepare. Celebrate.

  • Reminders only for important people, not all contacts.

  • See birthdays in advance so you have time to prepare.

  • Stay in control by having birthdays in your contact book.

Privacy first. Offline. Easy to use.

  • No signup. Works without an account.

  • Your contacts stay on your device. No servers to get hacked.

  • Add reminders and contacts in a batch or one by one.

Amicu is ideal to

Become more

Keep track
of anyone.

people abroad.

Be mindful
with people.

Questions? Look here or ask me.

1. Is this a social network or messaging app?
No. It's a contact manager with reminders to keep in touch.

2. Do I need to invite or add friends?
No. You can use your device contacts if you want. This will not invite or notify them. Of course, you can share the app with your friends.

3. Is it free?

Yes, but you can support me with a premium subscription.

4. Who made this?
I'm Kai. You can follow me on Twitter or write me an email.

5. Why did you make this?

Read the about me page.

Start keeping in touch now