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Customers: 14
Monthly recurring revenue (before App Store fee and taxes): $46
Last updated on: 16.01.2021

My total costs / month are:

Service Price / Month
Domain $1.50
Carrd (referral) $4.17
App Store Fee $8.33 + 30% of revenue (from 2021 15%)
Email Hosting $1.50
Simple Analytics (referral) $9
RevenueCat Free until *
Airtable Free until *
Mailchimp Free until *
ChartMogul Free until *
Accounting, Tax, Legal & Insurances Not clear yet.
Sum $24.50

* cost grows with number of users.

I need around 15 subscribers to cover the operating costs.

This doesn't include my working time and the bills I need to pay with my work.

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