Amicu Premium

Everyone likes free apps, but it's not sustainable. Running an app costs me money and time every month. And I've to pay my own bills from this time. People, who support the app get two extra features currently.

Feature Free Premium
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Reminders
Birthday Reminders
Learning Content
App integrations
Privacy (don't sell your data)
Complete Statistics
Customizable Reminder Interval
Support me and make the app sustainable
Plan Price / month Discount
Monthly $3.99
Yearly, billed $29.99 $2.49 37 %
Feedback, billed $21.49 $1.79 55 %

Pricing can change in the future. App Store prices vary by country. You can unlock the discount in the app by providing feedback on the app.

Why should I pay for a subscription?

Amicu costs me money and time every month. The costs increase with more users. Subscriptions allow me to cover the costs in a sustainable and relieable way. I don't want to be stressed about making enough one time sales per month. Additional money funds the development of the app. I only get a small portion after the 30% Apple fee and taxes. Even without new features taking care of iOS updates yearly takes time or apps stop working.

Have a look at the open startup statistics with the revenue and costs of Amicu.

The goal is to help people keep in touch and manage their contacts.

I have no investors, fast growth requirements or plans to sell Amicu. I used many contact apps with investment in the past and they all shutdown.

I can't afford it! I'm a student, from a less privileged country, ...

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